Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seven Photoshoot

Got some great results out of this shoot!

Seven is a really talented Montreal artist. Dancer extraordinaire and fitness guru - check out his fitness group youtube channel Regiment (contact me to get in touch with him). The shoot was organized to cover his dancing needs for his Krump. At the same time, we threw in a couple of shots to cover for his other projects (acting, modeling etc...). The main performance shots were inspired by a photo posted by David Hobby blog (a.k.a. the Strobist) - the shot below was taken Christopher Tan

 Left photo Credit Christopher Tan

I decided to go with hard light since Krump is a very agressive dance style. Krump requires control and explosive movement and the shadow play really creates an effect that gives 3 dimensional feel to pictures. This was really easy to shoot, Seven is extremely comfortable in front of a camera and really knows how to create those poses that shows the full spectrum of whatever he is doing.

Fortunately, Seven and I have other projects coming in so I will be posting updates as soon as they come. Until then - happy shooting!

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