Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dedpxl Assignement - Lines Update 2

Lines Assignment_3
Lines Assignment_10

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dedpxl Assignement - Lines Update

Dedpxl Assignement- Lines

assignment (əˈsaɪnmənt) n
1. something that has been assigned, such as a mission or task

In my journey, I will pursue opportunities that allows me to grow as a photographer. This is why I joined Dedpxl - an initiative by Zack Arias (a really cool photographer). He has set up his first assignment titled "Lines". Zack is a commercial photographer, and a really cool dude. Never met him but by watching this video, you can understand that even dropped in a foreign country - he can get people to participate, pose and interact.

Will you participate in this journey? I will. I am taking some time this week-end to start to "see".

Go here for the written assignment or sit back and enjoy the video below of the assignment.

Zack Arias links : 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your Camera - in Manual

Scary thoughts when starting out - it took me a while to understand how everything is connected but when you will understand this, you will be wondering why the hell it looked so complicated. Luckily, I did not have to see a guru on a remote and hidden mountain to understand this - Internet is FILLED with resources (most of them free) explaining how stuff works, if you scroll until the end, there is a neat video for you. The photography community is quite strong on youtube and I strongly suggest subscribing to some of the people out there.

In short :

Shutter : Controls Ambient Exposure (available light) - or How long does light comes in
Aperture :  Controls Flash Exposure and depth of field ("created"/flash light and out of focus image)
Iso : Light Sensitivity (Higher is usually worse)

Problems that all those 3 might give you (well some of the problems I ran into) with examples;

Shutter : Blurry image
In this case, shutter was not fast enough for the amount of ambient light (dark wedding room) so you cannot only see blurs.

Aperture : Overly dark or overly bright image
Aperture (3.5) was way too high for the flash so once again, you cannot see anything.

ISO : When too high, grains appear in dark places (cell phones are fantastic at this)
See the mutty/grainy blacks in the photo? That is what we are trying to avoid.
All of the 3 items mentioned before are in relation and will help you understand how your camera's manual setting work. The all work in a triangle. Lower your aperture and you will need to increase your ISO. Increase your shutter and you will need to decrease your aperture to compensate. 

The video below is what unlocked in my little brain how my camera really functioned. Take out your photo note pad and start!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seven Photoshoot

Got some great results out of this shoot!

Seven is a really talented Montreal artist. Dancer extraordinaire and fitness guru - check out his fitness group youtube channel Regiment (contact me to get in touch with him). The shoot was organized to cover his dancing needs for his Krump. At the same time, we threw in a couple of shots to cover for his other projects (acting, modeling etc...). The main performance shots were inspired by a photo posted by David Hobby blog (a.k.a. the Strobist) - the shot below was taken Christopher Tan

 Left photo Credit Christopher Tan

I decided to go with hard light since Krump is a very agressive dance style. Krump requires control and explosive movement and the shadow play really creates an effect that gives 3 dimensional feel to pictures. This was really easy to shoot, Seven is extremely comfortable in front of a camera and really knows how to create those poses that shows the full spectrum of whatever he is doing.

Fortunately, Seven and I have other projects coming in so I will be posting updates as soon as they come. Until then - happy shooting!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Photo Blog - Another fish in the pond

After much research, studying and waiting, this is it - I am starting this blog to share my photographic journey.

A shot taken in Paris, reflects who I am as an individual (not really)

I have started a couple of years ago - 3 exactly - when I purchased my first DSLR camera. But time passes and the passion continues so I wondered, why not make the people around me profit from all the reading and efforts I have put into this? I do not think there is a better way to approach people and tell stories than photography. 

It started when I was about 7, I got my first camera from a good friend of my mom. The only issue was that it was a film camera, I was seven years old and 35mm film was (well to me) expensive. So that passion of mine waited a couple of years. I replaced the camera why a pencil and started drawing. I did not get really good, but I did not put that much effort either (see below and more disaster here) - I consider it a future retirement hobby. After a few years, and the ability to generate income - we are here.
 Progress...or is it?

So....what is going to happen here? Updates about shoots that I have, gear that I bought (I am cheap as hell so don't worry - you can afford it) stuff that I learn, photographers that I really like....and of course photos. I am fortunate enough to have my best friends that are in the entertainment business so you will see a lot of them in here - along with other projects I am working on.  So stay on and visit often, I will update this blog regularly (along with my personal blog about my super life (who cares!?!?) so we can all learn.

Have a powerful week,