Sunday, March 22, 2015

Self Portrait - Dedpxl Assignment 09

Been a while internets!

I recently took it upon myself to be much more active in my photography. It probably will not yield millions of dollars but this is my creative escape. UNTIL IT MAKES ME MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Not really.

This month's assignment was to take a self portrait. I ,like most photographers, hate being in front of the camera. I think we all dislike the pressure of performing like the models we're hiring. They kind of know how to perform for it and let's be honest, we're not beauty queens (hence why we're in the back of the camera - ha).

Here is the setup for the photo I submitted. 

I wanted a very simple setup. Photos that are too complex can disturb the effectiveness of a well executed portrait. And I'm a simple guy. A white background, a practical light and some rim light. A small 5-in-1 diffuser (about 32") acted as a background. I was able to tighten the shot enough to not have anything else in there. Triggered my d7100 with my cell phone on a cool app that acts like a remote shutter. Here is the result. 

Data about this photo here

Hope you dig!