Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dedpxl Assignment 3 :: Shadows (going nuts)

Man oh man this is difficult!

The weather is quite horrible in Montreal nowadays and work has been crazy. So doing this assignment in the short time frame and outdoors (as Zack suggested in his example photos) is quite difficult...but we are pushing through with trials and errors. 

I was doing some test shots to see if the comfort of my house can yield something interesting but alas, I do not like what I did. I got these items (Love Picture Frame and a Heart) from my fiancée's recent bridal shower and decided to use them as props. (well I bought the flowers but let's not go too much into details)

Something is missing and I don't really connect to them so I will not be posting those on the assignment group or on my Flickr Account. So I will keep trying - thanks for driving me crazy Zack, I love the hint of insanity that comes from challenges.